Foosball Table F-200 Evolution

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Foosball Table F-200 Evolution
The F-200 football/soccer table
The F-200 football/soccer table from Garlando is a very robust, high quality full-size football game that will stand up to a lot of hard use. Manufactured in Northern Italy, the home of some of Europe`s best tables, the F-200 is ideal for those who are looking for an above-average football table for their home. Popularity has spawned many an imitation of these fine products but Garlando tables are considered among the very best, and that is why they are used in pubs, clubs and bars all over Europe. This entry level professional football table combines robustness and quality and offers above-average performance at a very favourable price. Heavy duty 20mm thick MDF cabinet with melamine coating. Colour: black and grey. 9 x 9cm square MDF legs coated with black melamine. 16mm diameter high stress resistance steel bars coated with anti-rust chromium-plating. Telescopic safety bars. Nylon bushes for higher speed, smoother action and reduced wear and tear. Red and blue players in unbreakable plastic moulded onto the bars. Fully rotating (360 degrees) goalkeeper. Green plastic laminate playing field with silkscreen printed white lines to look like a football ground. Easy and immediate ball retrieval through a basket behind each goal. 10 white Standard balls supplied. Top quality Italian manufacturing by Garlando. Dimensions: L: 145cm x W: 110-125cm x H: 88cm, Weight 60Kg

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