Dynamo Pro Style Air Hockey Table

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Dynamo Pro Style Air Hockey Table
The ProStyle is highly recommended for high-end home game rooms or schools, churches, and youth groups.
The Dynamo Pro Style air hockey table was designed by professionals and is unconditionally approved for play by the U.S. Air Table Hockey Association
Electronic scorekeeper features side-mounted LED display.
Heavy-duty polystyrene legs adjust with easy-leveling bases.
Inclined sides offer improved player comfort.
Patented Dyna-Blast blower system delivers fast, non-stop action
Regulation-size playing surface.
Commercial-quality cabinet construction for outstanding durability and longevity of your investment.
Air hockey tournament-tested rails ensure accuracy and reliability.
This version is a non-coin model for home or recreational use, but features all the other attributes of our coin-operated model.

Dimensions: 7 ft Style 86" L x 44" W x 32" H, Weight: 380 lbs.

Dimensions: 8 ft Style 100" L x 56" W x 31" H, Weight: 410 lbs

Proudly made in USA

Important Information: Your installation price may vary depending on location. Please call us for details.

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